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Quality Assurance

Elevator half month patrol maintenance

Weekly inspection maintenance is mainly to check whether the following parts are working properly, clean and lubricated.

1. The equipment room is kept clean and tidy, the power switch is flexible, the contact is firm, and there is no ablation.

2. Check the fuse and fuse contact, the joint is firm, and there should be no ignition;

3. Check the car top and pit safety switch is flexible and reliable, check that the traction machine should run smoothly,
     no abnormal vibration, oil leakage and oil

4. In accordance with the requirements, the brake should be flexible and reliable when braking, no rubbing, and the
    opening wrench is hung in the obvious place of the machine room;

5. The electrical components of the control cabinet should work normally, the instrument display is accurate, and the
     speed limit device should operate normally;

6. The inspection hall and the car door switch operate smoothly and have no impact sound;

7. Check the function of the safety touch panel or photoelectric device, check the display of the inner floor of the car,
    and the button should be normal and complete.

8. Check the gap between the car and the counterweight guide shoe, the cable and the compensation rope are fixed
     reliably, and there is no rubbing and hooking phenomenon.

9. Check the car roof and pit and keep it clean and dry.

Monthly maintenance

A monthly inspection service is guaranteed once a month. Maintenance of the basic part is to ensure smooth and safe
    operation and comprehensive cleaning to reduce the risk of fire. The scope of services includes the following:

a. Observe the running condition of the elevator and check for abnormal noise and operational failure.

b. Functional test of key and button.

c. Check for wear and abnormal noise.

d. Functional testing of brakes and safety devices.

e. Check control equipment and fault indicators.

f. Reinstall or repair the small parts.

g. Comprehensive cleaning.

h. Fill the lubricant.

Quarterly maintenance

There is a systematic test every 3 months. Mainly on the basis of monthly maintenance, check and adjust the key parts of the
elevator and maintain it. Add lubricant to the motor and traction machine, adjust the tension of the wire rope, the deviation is
not more than 5%, remove excessive oil stain on the surface of the wire rope, check whether the wire rope head combination
and the rope head plate are intact, check the broken wire and corrosion of the wire rope, and clean Automatic lubrication device,
should be replaced when the guide shoe lining wear exceeds 1/4 of the original thickness.

1. Check the roller of the roller guide shoe for abnormal noise. It should be replaced if it is opened, broken, worn or damaged.

2. Adjust the gap between the guide rail and the guide shoe, fasten the guide bolts, check that the guide rails, guide plate clamps,
guide rail brackets and welding parts should be loose and not welded, and tighten the bolts everywhere, clean the guide rails, and remove the rust parts. ,

3. Check the running condition of the guide wheel, the car top return sheave and the counterweight return sheave, clean and lubricate.

4. Check each junction box, strengthen the terminals, remove surface dust, and strengthen the cable frame bolts for limit and limit switch over-the-counter test.
Check the heavy side buffer distance.