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I. Talent Concept 
People do their best to develop together 

   Talent is the basis for the development of the enterprise and the basis for competition. Sanyo Elevator (Zhuhai) Co., Ltd. regards talents as the first resource of enterprises, regards relying on talents as the fundamental prerequisite for enterprise development, regards respecting talents as the basic criteria for enterprise development, and regards promoting the common development of employees and employees as the basic task of talent strategy. In the human resources practice activities, Sanyo Elevator (Zhuhai) is good at providing all kinds of talents with the stage to fully display their talents, so that they can use their talents and make the best use of them. At the same time, through various effective ways, we continuously improve the level of human resources management of enterprises and the comprehensive quality of talents, enable companies and employees to grow together, and allow employees to share the results of corporate development, achieve common development, and share success. 

First, make the best use of talents, make the best use Once you become a member of my company, it means that you have joined us in such a warm family. We are good at discovering the bright spots in your work and life, and creating conditions for you to take the proper position to display your talents. At the same time, we pay great attention to your lifelong training, learning while working, and organizing a series of skills training, quality, and counseling according to job requirements, so that you can get a comprehensive improvement. 

Second, common development, sharing success Without the hard work of the employees, there will be no success for the company and no success for the employees. Employees are optimistic about their mental and physical health, positive and progressive, and have a sense of responsibility and dedication. They also work closely together to connect their career planning and company development. 
If you are eager to grow up healthy and happy, and you long for a sense of belonging, then our company here will be a harbor worthy of your call. 

Second, talent recruitment 
Sanyo Elevator (Zhuhai) Co., Ltd. Recruitment 
Hiring the following positions: 
I. Zhuhai Corporation 
1. Elevator salesman: College degree or above, strong sense of responsibility, professional quality, good quality, prominent social skills, language skills, and keen insight; confident, strong desire for success, and hard-working, hard-working Persistence. Have engaged in sales work, familiar with the elevator priority. 
Office location: Zhuhai City and West District, Guangdong Province Branch. 

2. Elevator Maintenance Personnel: Technical school and above who are professional in elevators, electrical or mechanical engineering, and have relevant working experience is preferred. Hard working, good communication skills. Must have professional training and elevator maintenance license. 

3. R&D and design personnel: full-time undergraduate graduates, responsible, mechanical professional, proficient in AutoCAD, Solidworks software. With more than 2 years of design experience, there is priority in elevator design experience. 

4. Inspector: There are relevant working experience in electrical parts and mechanical parts packing inspection; the elevator industry has priority; responsible, careful, hard-working, self-motivated, self-motivated, able to independently complete tasks assigned by superiors. 

5. Training Specialist: Establish training system, develop training system and development and design training courses; be responsible for staff training needs analysis, organization, implementation and training evaluation, effect evaluation; responsible for the formation and management of internal training instructors. 

6, lathes / milling workers: skilled operation of lathes, milling machines, more than three years of work experience. 

Contact: Miss Lin Tel: 0756-6253129 

Interested parties please send your resume to the email: 
Recruitment Website: Zhuhai Human Resources Network, Zhilian Recruitment, Elevator Recruitment Network, 58 Cities